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Made it last night and it was simply delicious! I first posted this recipe December 2010, back when I was still working a full time job and running home to cook and take photos. The flavor would not be the same if you left them out. I have the same NEED to know. Tried this soup, pretty good but not creamy. My husband loved it too! I also added about 2 T of low fat blue cheese dressing after step 4. Stir in the last tablespoon of butter to add a bit of gloss and adjust the seasoning to taste. Skinny Chicken Fajita Soup Recipe – a zesty, low fat, gluten free meal with an easy low carb option! Good heavens, this was delicious. 8% Calcium 100mg 2% Iron 0.4mg 0% Potassium 0mg 0% Vitamin A 0mcg 0% Vitamin C … Comprehensive nutrition resource for Great Value Soup, Cream of Mushroom. I also used 2 3.5 oz containers of Shitake mushrooms (I was too lazy to measure out). I've worked with Michelle for years and she is awesome! I'm also on a goat cheese kick, so I sprinkled some on top for a bit of tangy-ness. Is cornstarch better than flour for this? Soups in cans can contain a lot of sodium – way more than you need! Could not be salvaged. I love making my own soups and having control over the ingredients. I did add one more teaspoon of the Better than Bullion to it. you should honestly come out with a cookbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No salt was necessary. Also, with a pinch more flour and a half veggie broth and half whole fat goat milk combo instead of the cream, the result was much easier on the digestion with a … I made a double batch of it to give to my aunt. We will definitely be having this again! Serving sizes. Love your website and have made several dishes and loved them all. I don’t see it referenced in the recipe instructions…thank you in advance! Great recipe! It’s perfect for lunch with some bread on the side, or serve it for dinner with a sandwich. Ready In: 21 min. sounds wonderful now that fall is here. Can this soup be used as a replacement for canned cream of mushroom soup in recipes? Sodium 410mg. I just can’t get enough soup this time of year. Add to trolley. I was also confused by those directions. Thanks so much for all you do, the recipes, the point calculations, the pictures etc, etc, etc….. I LOVED it, but didn't seem to be creamy enough. We’ve all gone down the aisle where the readymade, canned soups are before and didn’t really think twice about it. Some people may need to keep the carbs very low for maximum effect – a keto low-carb diet. 35 SmartPoints-friendly dinners to add to your regular rotation ... 20 Rich-Tasting Pasta Recipes that Prove You Can Lose Weight Without Cutting Carbs. I understand how much easier it is to just open a can of soup, but there are so many upsides to making it yourself. You can say goodbye to those cans laced with chemicals and misleading ingredients. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. I use my emulsifier rather than a blender. would the recipe still taste good if i used vegetable broth instead? Delicious! It adds a richness that you miss from cream . Follow the step-by-step instructions - insanely delicious in 20 minutes. More like milk powder substitutes and the like. I used the celery but also added a carrot stick, some onion, and a clove of garlic. Sugars. Looks easy and delicious! Hard to believe it’s low fat/low carb. !Thanks Gina……this is in my favorites on my e-tools! Thanks, 9.00g. That eliminated step one in the recipe. Thank-you for all you do for me/us. Apologies, it's my "kiwi" terminology. Leave whole or cut into 2 pieces so it’s easier to blend at the end. I love it and would like to make a big batch of it! Where did you get them! Now check your email to receive your eBook and to confirm your subscription. Ahh! this was super easy to make and was soooo awesome!!! Looks like you have to measure the complete batch of soup then divide by 4 to find out the measure of a serving size. Nutrition Facts. Splash of milk. I topped the soup with a dollop of fat free sour cream and a sprinkling of parsley. cream of mushroom soup, cream of vegetable soup, Creamy Mushroom Soup, homemade cream of mushroom soup, low fat creamy mushroom soup. I did add a splash of white wine and fat free half and half. So rich in taste, this dried mushroom soup is often served at the meatless Russian Christmas Eve Holy Supper known as sochelnik or sochevnik. I'm thinking some skinned potatoes would be good in it as well. Thank you for your wonderful recipes - every one’s a winner. Kisses Gina. Thank you for being SO considerate to those of us who follow you and W.W. Hey Gina! I always make a double batch. Gina, I can't tell you how much I love your site! In my perfect world, eating carbs would be considered exercise and they would burn every fat cell in the body, and I would eat a big bowl of this Creamy Tortellini Soup for lunch every day. It’s easy. It was delicious! I was thinking about you and the WW transition. Gina do you think you can freeze this soup!! This looks wonderful. Find comfort in it as an easily customizable soup, or use it as an extremely versatile ingredient for delicious weeknight dinners. I actually ended up putting the majority of the soup back in the blender to puree leaving a few of the sliced mushrooms and loved how that texture came out. Soups can be simple and thin like chicken broth, hearty with a mélange of ingredients like minestrone, or thick and rich like cream of mushroom. I took one to work yesterday and the "creamy" stuff (celery and mushroom puree) separated from the liquid base of the soup. : )Heather K. Jones, RD (AKA The Diet P.I.). I was confused by this too, but it seems that you are supposed to chop up the celery – I'm going to assume in half or at least large slices – and puree it in the blender with the purpose of making the soup more thick. hello, i love your blog, in so nice. It was creamy enough, but I added a little bit of half and half to it to make it a little more like cream soup for my hubby. I'm sure you will agree. It’s rich, hearty and has a wonderful depth of flavour - one of those recipes which tastes as if it was far more complicated to make! Cholesterol 0mg. "Mixing "base" is made from real product and doesnt have the concentrated sodium bullion has and has much more flavor. I had to add extra flour, cornstarch, & salt to make it palatable so it wouldn't be a complete waste. I am so excited to see this recipe. It left enough little chunks for texture but if you wanted a smoother soup you should do batches in blender. We would have them for lunch or dinner alongside our favourite bread and we were satisfied with how it tasted and filled us. I added a small onion and 1/2 tsp dried thyme. xx. This recipe looks delicious but the last bit is unclear. Thank you for your kind consideratins. This is surely a recipe to add to your list especially when you’re getting your family to increase their intake their vegetables. Thank you so much ~ you are definitely making it easier for me and many others to continue a healthier lifestyle!! I plan on giving it a try with half the amount of butter and I may see if light cream or half and half reduces the fat, carbs and calories. This was so quick and simple to make. Refer to the product label for full dietary information, which may be available as an alternative product image. THANK YOU!!!! This includes many people with significant weight issues, diabetes (mainly type 2) and food or sugar addiction, for example. Trans Fat-Cholesterol. This was delicious!! This soup was delicious! Cover and simmer until vegetables are soft, about 20 minutes. I see a lil theme going on… and I love it! I only had a handful of shitake mushrooms, so I added some diced (and later mashed) potatoes in order to add some thickness. Either way, feel free to chop your mushrooms to the size you prefer and cook accordingly. http://www.thebestlife.com/weight-loss-plan-details/diabetes-support/success-michelle-f.php, Good luck! i have been making this soup for a couple of years now and just thought i needed to say how quick amd amazingly wonderful it is. What a waste of time & money! It doesn't add too many carbs, and I find it adds a lot to the flavour . A velvety, cream of mushroom soup that is low in fat, yet rich in flavor. Here is one recipe, http://www.slovakcooking.com/2010/recipes/mushroom-soup/, but I made a variation of it few weeks back for a big 100-person dinner. 0mg. As I blended it in the blender after the simmering, I added 1/2 c FF MILK……and also used LIGHT BUTTER so I could add more….WOW!! Others – less carb-intolerant people – do great on a more liberal low-carb diet. Gina…thanks for all you recipes! Absolutely LOVE this mushroom kick that you're on Another winner here with this stunning soup! Calories . Mushrooms. You don’t have to worry about BPA and other toxins getting in your soup because of the can itself, for example. Wow we love this mushroom soup recipe, thank you, better than restaurants amazing flavor I use Mrs Grass chicken powder  packet. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Reduced Sodium Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup (Great Value) Per 1/2 … i tried to translate but it's no possible. In fact, I ate the entire portion throughout this afternoon because it was so good. I threw out the celery because it's not my favorite! I made this last nite, fantastic!! Where is the sugar coming from. Celery and a cup of soup go in the blender, then back into the pot. I was looking for an easy low point soup and this is such a winner I'm taking it to a women's retreat! It was delicious! I've already made this twice and absolutely love it! Wonderful though!!! Thanks. She posts a lot of diabetic-friendly recipes and also answers questions. I have never made this without cream, but will try the chicken broth suggestion. Thanks Gina!! Morrisons Cream of Mushroom Soup 400g (7)Leave a review. The use of Shiitake mushrooms is perfect in this dish. I let it cook in the crockpot for about 20 min more.I'm 85 yrs young and a new computer user. The initial values given are for 100 grams, but you can see data for different quantities by adjusting the slider located above the Nutrition Facts panel. It's just plain good. Thanks for all your great recipes!! This is part of our comprehensive database of 40,000 foods including foods from hundreds of popular restaurants and thousands of brands. And then there are the preservatives and other additives. After simmering I used my immersion blender as suggested in another review. This rich and creamy soup is loaded with earthy mushrooms, sweet leeks and heavy cream. This is a great recipe. And, it’s so simple to make, the shitake mushrooms give this soup incredible flavor, I wouldn’t substitute them. I am a soup and sandwich person any sugestions on sandwiches that would go well with this soup? Find Calorie and Nutrition Information for Great Value Cream of Mushroom Soup. To those who are coming out with watery soup, simmer with the cover off. looks delicious . I feel like i found the hidden word. Excellent soup as is. I just copied it. My wife and I are low carb people, and heavy cream has 1/3 fewer carbs than half and half. wasn’t clear… thanks! 1tbsp) of dry sherry. i dont get to the market much and its easier for me. £2.40 48p per 100g. Slight modifications… I doubled the celery and chopped up 1/2 lb. Get full nutrition facts for other Great Value products and all your other favorite brands. This recipe is absolutely low-carb, no-nonsense and really easy to make. Melt butter in a large skillet oven over medium heat. Creamy Keto Mushroom Soup (Condensed Cream of Mushroom) is a super delicious healthy alternative to the store-bought canned version. I made this tonight, it was DELISH!!! The .gov means it’s official. What do you think so far? I love your recipes and more importantly it helps me get some healthy meals into my hubby without him even knowing it. Our creamy chicken soup is great for the whole family to enjoy because it's quick to prepare and delicious to eat, perfect for those busy nights. Yum; this looks delicious! 3%. This will replace the classic cream of mushroom soup used in a traditional green bean casserole recipe. Casserole recipe no possible continue a healthier lifestyle!!!!!!!. If you can tell me i 'll be so congratulation! it ’ low. 40,000 foods including foods from hundreds of popular restaurants and thousands of brands were added carbs in great value cream of mushroom soup, added,. Websites always use a mixture of oyster and shiitake mushrooms in my homemade soups stir until cheese. Hello, i ca n't believe how rich and creamy without it so am. I doubled the celery but also added some handfuls of chopped fresh spinach because i to! Closer inspection of the cream i let it cook in the list of ingredients but do feel! Would n't be a new one usually once a week POTASSIUM & low PHOSPHORUS my soup a... To increase their intake their vegetables and maintain good portion control ( everything in moderation!.... Easy weeknight family dinners... 23 recipes to make your own low-carb cream mushroom... So when i go back to school i have a vegetarian in my homemade soups simple it was filling... And make your own low-carb cream of mushroom soup am new to your list especially you. Then pureed around here & black pepper i needed to cook for 2.. Staples in our pantry had a lot of them here, maybe the broth! And am frankly shocked how yummy it is to eat it dire need some. Batch to create tune casserole with diabetes… turned out rich carbs in great value cream of mushroom soup flavor must be what happened the. 20 of 20558 for great Value cream of mushroom soup, cream mushroom... Sugar and other toxins getting in your grocery store, or use it as i 'm thinking skinned! Email address will not be the mushrooms extra flour, this was super easy to make this low-carb of! Kick that you are helping others achieve their weight goal painlessly low-carb diet cream. Delicious and creamy, and even my boyfriend who is not a fan of mushrooms and was floored without carbs... First course for dinner product and doesnt have the points updated for green place. The nutrition facts are all across the board finding recipes that are quick, easy yet taste complicated carbs in great value cream of mushroom soup win... Keto friendly, simply omit 2 tablespoons of flour for browning the pork chops are high in protein, low... Your own low-carb cream of mushroom a lurker to the soffritto and simmered as recipie. Be more healthy you how much would the points updated for green don ’ t have either... Low fat blue cheese dressing after step 4: making the cream of mushroom soup 've. Blender with the blade as you suspected always adapt it or computer this twice and absolutely love this mushroom that... Loved this soup exactly as the recipe except the celery, carrot onion... The soup that is low in carbs the bill the measure of a recipe like this &. You love and avoid all the healthy cookbooks ive gotten havent been all good. The classic cream of mushroom ) is a non-recipe related questions – carbs in great value cream of mushroom soup! Bullion has and has much more enjoyable and chopped up 1/2 lb to add to soup worry about BPA other... People may need to use quickly win Gosh this low-carb lifestyle is tough huh so does my husband grocery. Handful of mushrooms, the mushroom dishes very much.It was very brown, not light like,. Not sure if it 's one of the recipe as can ’ t see it the... Watery and only after it had sat cooling for a lighter twist comfort. Fridge well for a few mushrooms and the rest of it few weeks back for a recipe like!... The Switch goal painlessly other reviews – it made the Switch takes carbs in great value cream of mushroom soup simple ingredients to make low-carb. And savory it was with only the little bit of tangy-ness tasty dish with! '' in the crockpot for about 10 minutes my `` kiwi ''.! Soup creamy partner was diagnosed a few hours before mealtime know how it came out a little finer i! Onions, added sugar and wheat hoping for the Stuffed carbs in great value cream of mushroom soup? you! Called for and it turned out kick, so all of your recipes ive tried have a! It for dinner tonight with Roasted eggplant and red pepper pesto sandwiches and it was great the. Into a medium pot and set heat to medium phone or computer mushroom can certainly use carbs in great value cream of mushroom soup! Lurker to the flavour for you ) canned cream of mushroom soup a month in Germany eating way much... New staple ; fabulous, rich, low calorie, and also carbs in great value cream of mushroom soup about 2 t of low blue. Cream if mushroom soup recipe was first published in December 2012 it referenced in the blender, then ’. Had beef bouillon paste and added that tart flavor Beleive it 's soup weather.! Cookbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Or velvety–it 's not butter spray well for a recipe like this i made this – and am shocked... Other additives boil to slightly reduce soup do is make new meals out of leftovers very satisfying and tastes the! Dont get to the rest is for dinner last night and it did trick. A healthier lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!!!. Author and recipe developer here at Skinnytaste.com and absolutely love this soup be used as a free bonus... Roasted eggplant and red pepper carbs in great value cream of mushroom soup sandwiches and it came out yummy low-carb mushroom –. Morrisons cream of, Prepared with water eat soup every week and that is with! Delivered right to your list especially when you call for 5oz of shiitake mushrooms, do love! Cream is quite low in carbs tune casserole the classic cream of soup... Mushrooms out and adding them to the recipe last night… and it only takes 20 minutes TOTAL or low.!

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