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English Language requirements also apply to this degree. Transport Engineering and Environmental Sustainability. UNSW Internal Program Transfer (IPT) is an alternative entry pathway into a Law double degree for students who are already studying a non-law degree at UNSW. Roles include: Find out how we prepare our graduates for career success. Connect with like-minded and influential people through: Participating in a mentoring program will boost your confidence, help grow your professional network, develop your communication, teamwork and leadership skills as well as building upon your business acumen. UNSW Faculties. The course begins with the different ways in which companies can be structured and the differing types of ownership that exist. I have a WAM of 72 at the moment and I'm wanting to transfer into a comm double degree. from Bachelor of Arts to Bachelor of Commerce) as long as the entry requirements of the new program are met. This is a foundational (Level 1) Information Systems (IS) course that introduces students to the use of IS in business and society. Excellent career opportunities exist for the business-savvy engineer depending on the chosen engineering field. 192 UOC. If you are an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or New Zealand citizen, you apply online through the This unique double degree, taught in English at UNSW and Tongji University, prepares you for practice in both China and Australia and provides a distinct advantage to progress your career at a global level. Domestic students For further information on domestic admission requirements, see Providing you receive full credit for your first year of studies it won’t take you any longer to complete a law dual degree. You can choose one or two Commerce majors from fields including accounting, finance, economics, information systems, fintech, human resources, management, marketing, business law, taxation, real estate or international business. networking and This double degree gives students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in two areas the major area of interest leading to a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree, plus an additional area leading to a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree. In this bachelor's degree, you'll learn how to work with a range of quantum systems, from high-frequency signals to very small electronic circuits. International students For further information on international admission requirements, see the International Undergraduate Direct Entry Table. 144 UOC. The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Commerce offers professional development and accreditation, exciting majors and electives, and research project in your favourite engineering field. You will understand business concepts, practise problem-solving, and build skills in critical thinking and decision making. The course will also explore contemporary technology-enabled phenomena that are disruptive to the current business landscape such as Sharing Economy, Blockchain and the Internet of Things. The majority of our students are employed full-time within four months of graduating and earning a wage higher than most business & management graduates. The main roles of modern management - planning, leading, innovating, organising and controlling - are also examined. UNSW Business School graduates are currently employed in a variety of professions including: accountant/auditors, commercial managers, economists, financial advisors, human resource consultants, ICT business/system analysts, international business development managers, investment bankers, management consultants, marketing/brand managers, property business analysts, recruitment officers, and tax advisors – to name a few. 48 UOC. The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Commerce offers professional development and accreditation, exciting majors and electives, and research project in your favourite engineering field. The professional development opportunities complement your studies, build connections to industry and give you a clear advantage after graduation. NOTE that in all of these degrees, some of the Mathematics and Statistics courses normally taken within the Engineering component must be REPLACED by courses from the Mathematics and Statistics major - see the information below or get advice from the School of Mathematics and Statistics on this by emailing ug.MathsStats@unsw.edu.au What's it all about?This double degree gives students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in two areas – the major area of interest leading to a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree, plus an additional area leading to a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree. Our double degrees enable you to broaden your opportunities and study different areas simultaneously. You can choose one or two Commerce majors from fields including accounting, finance, economics, information systems, fintech, human resources, management, marketing, business law, taxation, real estate or international business. Career Accelerator helps you build industry connections through ACCT1501 Accounting and Financial Management 1A, MGMT1001 Managing Organisations and People, ACCT1511 Accounting and Financial Management 1B, COMM1000 Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact, INFS1602 Digital Transformation in Business, International Undergraduate Direct Entry Table. Areas of substantive law relevant to commerce are examined including property law (with particular reference to intellectual property), tort law (with particular reference to negligence), contract law, competition law and consumer protection law. No search results found. Lastly, the course addresses the need to secure the IS and the potential ethical and social issues faced by businesses in relation to their use of IS. apply directly to UNSW. Career Accelerator, that are exclusive to UNSW’s Business School students. This course provides an introduction to the economic analysis of key macroeconomic variables such as output, employment, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates. ATAR, IB score) met the entry requirements, you may be eligible to apply for transfer directly with UNSW via, Business Connect - an introduction to Networking, Industry Insights – workshop sessions delivered by industry partners, Industry Events – invitation-only events hosted by industry partners, Business Case Competitions – impress future employers with your problem-solving skills, Mentor Connect – a quick, online chat with an AGSM MBA student about your future, Career Mentoring Program – a 10-week program of career mentoring and coaching, Internships & Consulting Projects – real-world and virtual projects for program credit, Social Entrepreneurship Practicum – practicum to develop professional team skills in a real project for program credit, Business Experience – real-world and virtual projects for professional development, Global Business Practicum - work in small cross-disciplinary student consulting team on a genuine business issue, usually in Asia, Social Entrepreneurship Practicum - build entrepreneurial, workplace and leadership capabilities in India, Business Immersion China - blend business, culture and Chinese language classes with company visits and excursions to sights of significant cultural importance around Shanghai, International Information Systems & Technology Practicum – experience how e-business systems differ across international borders, Student Exchange – live and study overseas for up to 3 terms at one of our 200 partner universities. In doing so, it provides a language in ethics to discuss ethical issues in the context of the finance profession. The course emphasizes the importance of Ethics in Finance. program structure for detailed information. 4405. Degree combinations. The UNSW UNSW Canberra graduates shape Australia, the region and the international community as leaders in defence, government, ... Aeronautical Engineering (Honours) (CDF) arrow_forward. You can choose one or two Commerce majors from fields including accounting, finance, economics, information systems, fintech, human resources, management, marketing, business law, taxation, real estate or international business. ... Search the UNSW Library Catalogue. Within Australia we rank 1st for Accounting and Finance, and 2nd for Business and Management studies. UNSW Internal Program Transfer. Topics include: marketing processes and planning, the use of market research, an understanding of consumers and customers, decision-making and the marketing mix, market segmentation, positioning and product differentiation, the changing global environment. form an integrated study program designed to give students an understanding of the way in which financial information is generated and used, and to provide an appropriate platform for further study in accounting. Alternative entry pathwaysIf you did not meet the entry cut-off of this degree, you might want to consider studying a different undergraduate degree (either at UNSW or another university), achieve good marks for your first year of study, and then apply for transfer into this degree. How management goes about its principal tasks of managing strategy, structures, people and systems are the key focus issues of the course. Actuarial Studies / Advanced Mathematics (Honours) arrow_forward. This course provides an introduction to the fundamental principles, practices, issues and debates associated with the management of public, business and third sector organisations. These double degrees combine structured and technical studies in engineering with studies in arts or science or computer science. The course also involves discussion of the considerations behind the acquisition and building of IS and the issues common to the management of IS projects. Browse - Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Engineering Offering 60 years of excellence in developing socially engaged engineers, developing new technologies and solutioning problems of global relevance. Double degrees are suited to high-ability students and provide professional education in one of the engineering disciplines, together with specialised studies in another area so as to increase innovative capabilities. UNSW offers Bachelor of Quantum Engineering degree. This unit should benefit students who wish to specialise in accounting and those students whose primary interest lies elsewhere in the field of business. Combine your Commerce major(s) with one of 18 Engineering majors that include aerospace, bioinformatics, civil, computer, electrical, mechanical, mining, software, renewable energy and telecommunications. If you want to do a dual degree, you can combine your Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering degree with Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, Biomedical Engineering or Engineering Science. We will cover topics such as how individuals or firms make decisions about the demand or supply of a product, how we can determine the efficiency of a market, and how we evaluate the costs and benefits of government intervention in a market. Double degrees: Flexible First Year can be combined with 422520 Bachelor of Music, 425850 Bachelor of Arts, 425850 Bachelor of Science, 425900 Bachelor of Commerce, 429330 Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics), 429360 Bachelor of Advanced Science (Hons), or 425800 Bachelor of Science (Computer Science). This double degree is suited to law students who wish to add a strong technical dimension to their training or to potential engineers who wish to understand the legal and social aspects of the engineering profession. Develop a deep understanding of your engineering major with an independent research project. The double degree also provides a strong business background for engineers seeking employment in the commercial sector. Design and Application of Materials in Science and Engineering. Our double degree programs will help you develop your skills in two separate areas: you can combine your Engineering Degree with an Arts, Commerce, Science or Law Degree. global business practicums for credit towards your degree. arrow_forward. We understand that this year has been incredibly hard for many students and families, which is why we have lowered some of our Guaranteed Entry (GE) marks across our suite of degrees. The underpinning themes of the course centre on how managers can deal with the multiple demands of complex and turbulent environments, promote and sustain competitive advantage, manage changing social, political and technological factors inside and outside the organisation, ensure ethical and social responsibility, develop global organisations and manage diversity in the workforce. Further, this course includes analysis of the influence of the capital market environment, the implications of financial risk, taxation and the conflict of interest between managers and investors on the value and operation of businesses. arrow_forward. Dividend payouts and the choices between debt and equity financing, including methods of determining the cost of capital, are also covered. Our wide variety of degrees allow you to merge your interests and graduate with a greater range of knowledge. All other international students Entry to this degree is based on your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or an equivalent rank derived from the following: Information Systems & Technology Management, 8 Reasons to study postgrad at UNSW Business School, Certificate in Executive Management and Development, Meet our 2020 Full-Time Scholarship Recipients, Digital Enablement Research Network (DERN), Behavioural Insights for Business and Policy, Cyber Security and Data Governance Research Network, ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR), Centre for Applied Economic Research (CAER), Centre for Energy & Environmental Markets (CEEM), Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE), Centre for Law Markets and Regulation (CLMR), Industrial Relations Research Centre (IRRC), Economic & Labour Relations Review (ELRR). Introduction to Materials for Engineering Applications. Topics covered will include the accounting equation, general purpose financial reports, cash and accrual accounting, adjustments, internal control, the accounting for key balance sheet assets, and interpreting and preparing information for managers to use in planning, decision making and control. Universities Admissions Centre (UAC). The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Commerce is a 5.5 year dual degree program consisting of 44 courses (264 UOC). open_in_new. During the five-and-a-half-year program, you can explore course options including bioinformatics, mechanical and software engineering; and the fields of fintech, marketing and international business. For a list of pre-assessed business courses, visit our transfer credit guide. All your UNSW Handbook questions answered here. myUNSW. Double degrees: Aerospace, Mechanical, ... UNSW Engineering is the destination of choice for a quality engineering degree. Information on eLearning, IT support and apps for students. Major topics include: This subject deals with the Australian legal system; the Constitution and Commonwealth/State relations; Parliament and statute law; the courts and case law; the executive and administrative law; the legal process and alternative dispute resolution. The frameworks, concepts and theories covered in the course are introduced to explain how managers deal with the diversity of issues faced in the effective management of contemporary organisations. Gain solid technical engineering and research skills, paired with comprehensive business knowledge which includes the option to specialise in up to two business areas. The goal of this course is to provide you with the basic tools to “think like an economist” – that is, to be able to use basic economic principles to ask and answer questions about how the world works and the effect of policies. Double Degrees. UNSW Online Handbook Summary Economics is a social science that studies the ways in which people interact with one another and make decisions in a world with limited resources. In taking this course, students will be provided with tasks and assignments that will aid in refining their professional business skills and the ability to evaluate the value of technology to businesses. This course introduces the student to the major concepts and theories, reflecting the breadth and diversity of marketing. Please try another search term. mentoring, and you can undertake English Language requirements also apply to this degree. UNSW Engineering also offers an alternative pathway for undergraduate students called FEAS. The course will provide students with a framework for understanding the workings of the whole economy and the various interactions among households, business and governments. It will provide an introduction to basic concepts in accounting and their application for decision making by a wide range of potential users (e.g., shareholders, investment analysts, lenders, managers etc). I've done DIPPS and planning to take BABS in T1. credit transfer at UNSW. 3155. UNSW Canberra at ADFA. The program includes: You must complete at least 16 courses (96 UOC) for commerce and 28 courses (168 UOC) for engineering. A Bachelor of Commerce prepares you for long-term business success. 240 UOC. This is a first level corporate finance course that looks at the essential aspects of financial decision-making. If you are an international student, and you’re completing an Australian Year 12, or the NZ NCEA Level 3 qualification in Australia or overseas, you apply online through Write your thesis with the support of an Honours Coordinator. It impacts all aspects of a business organisation, shaping and directing corporate through to marketing strategy. You can also develop your skills in another area of Engineering by combining your degree with another Engineering study area for example, the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Master of Biomedical Engineering or Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Engineering Science degree. Our double degree options will help you take your study to the next level and allow you to broaden your knowledge in different areas simultaneously.By choosing a double degree, you can achieve more in less time and open the door to more job opportunities. Build the degree to suit your career goals. UNSW Business School. arrow_forward. Students with no knowledge in finance will be introduced to conceptual foundations of ethics required to interpret professional standards arising from various industry advisory authorities on professional ethical conduct including the Banking Royal Commission, CFA Institute, and United Nations. The computer science component will take you throu… Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Aeronautical Engineering)/Bachelor of Science – 5 years full-time Our students build professional networks among more than 90,000 Business School alumni worldwide and begin their new career before graduation. Read more about our rankings and reputation. The people you meet during your time at university can play a profound role in positively shaping your career. ​Taken together, the accounting course in the compulsory core (ACCT1501) and this accounting course expenses, balance sheet and income statement preparation, cash flow statements, ratio analysis, accounting policy choice and further detail on management accounting (including costing systems and budgeting). Examples include personal financial planning, funds management, capital raisings, portfolio selection of financial securities, private equity, public floats and the pricing of assets in the stock market. Accepted Qualifications for High School Graduates, Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours), Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Aspiring engineers who want the business acumen to pursue management roles, Highly motivated students who want flexibility to develop career-specific skills, Those who want a highly regarded double degree to gain more career opportunities in business and engineering professions, International Business Development Manager, 60 days approved industrial training in engineering, National differences in the political, social and legal environment, political and country risk, Cultural differences and their impact on international business, Theory and politics of foreign direct investment, The internationalisation of business activities and the development of multinational enterprises, The international monetary system and development of the global capital market, Australian interstate Year 12 qualifications (e.g. Arts (Honours) arrow_forward. On completion the first year accounting courses seek to develop students’: technical competence in recording economic events in the accounting system; a critical understanding of key technical terms and concepts so as to interpret accounting information and reports in the financial press; an ability to argue a reasoned position on key questions of accounting theory and practice; and familiarity with institutional structures that affect the practice of accounting. i've underloaded quite a bit - i've only done 11 subjects/66 UOC that are relevant to my current degree. This course examines key global environmental factors and issues impacting on the development of international business. Engineering As Australia's top engineering faculty with a strong international reputation, UNSW Engineering is the destination of choice for a quality engineering degree. Graduates are equipped for a professional career in engineering and/or business, with suitable experience and connections. ​The compulsory core accounting unit will have a preparer perspective. Students have a pathway to enhance their professional opportunities through developing Most bachelor degrees are three (e.g. Macroeconomics studies the aggregate behaviour of the economy. Our graduates have exceptional employability rates, performing well above the national average. open_in_new. Choose from our range of programs and expand your career opportunities. Please Note: The duration of the degree programs listed below is subject to change as UNSW moves to T3+ (trimesters). The course also touches on popular enterprise-level information systems such as Enterprise Systems, Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management Systems and the emergence of business intelligence in supporting organisation decision making. UNSW Built Environment has partnered with Tongji University in Shanghai to offer you an architectural education with a global focus. MATS2001. Business, Science) or four (e.g. In most cases, you need to have completed a minimum of 6 courses (36 UOC) at the other university. In 2016 UNSW Canberra opened up admissions for Engineering and Engineering/Science double degrees to non-Defence domestic students as well as single-year Honours programs in Arts, Business, Computing and Cyber Security, and Science. Depending on the majors and courses chosen in the Bachelor of Commerce, accreditation is available from the Australian Human Resources Institute, Australian Securities and Investment Commission, CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, ACCA and Institute of Public Accountants. internships and Graduate with two accredited degrees that are highly regarded by industry. See the Worldwide, these subjects rank within the Top 50 along with Economics and Econometrics. As a double degree, you'll take 26 - 28 (168UOC) from the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Materials Science and Engineering simultaneously with courses from your chosen ‘other’ degree. Career Accelerator, a portfolio of professional development opportunities that are exclusive to UNSW Business School students and include: This degree is professionally recognised and provides a career-ready standard of knowledge. UAC International. The topics that are covered in INFS1602 include understanding the role of Information Systems and IS Professionals in Global Business, the relationship between Information Systems, Organisations, and Strategy, the dominant Business Models enabled by the Internet and the emergence of Web 2.0 technology. Illustrations from real-life corporate practices are used to highlight the importance and relevance of financial management to the realisation of personal and corporate financial objectives. Double Degree Structure. UNSW Future Students degree finder. The important elements of the course include measurement of macroeconomic variables, the development of models and theories to explain the behaviour of macroeconomic variables, the use of empirical evidence in evaluating different models, and the role of government policy in seeking to influence macroeconomic outcomes. The Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) offers professional development and accreditation, and a selection of exciting majors and electives. In today’s business world, marketing is viewed as central to creating and delivering value both to the organisation and to the customer. All of the engineering degrees at UNSW Canberra can be combined with a Bachelor of Science, which provides students with the option of graduating with two degrees at the end of five years of combined study. engineering degree recommendations I am a recent highschool graduate looking to do engineering in unsw but am not sure what degree to do. Our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Commerce is designed to train your mind to adapt to future challenges. The opportunities are grouped within the Networking, Mentoring, Internships, and Global sections of Career Accelerator. The three-year degrees, typically provide the option of continuing to an honours program for a fourth year if your results are deemed high enough. During your study, make use of Double degrees at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences are offered in conjunction with other UNSW … It discusses the application of this understanding to consumer goods, as well as service, business-to-business, industrial and non-profit organizations, and to the growing area of e-commerce. My first two prefrences are engineering/cs and civil/architecture I would appreciate any insight into these two degrees and recommendations on others regarding job outlook, salary ect. After successfully completing eight courses specific to your chosen degree specialisation you will be awarded a Diploma in Engineering. Assessment is usually based on your high school qualification (ATAR or equivalent) and/or results from university studies. Read more about our rankings and reputation. Current UNSW students can apply to transfer from one UNSW degree to another (e.g. UNSW Business School’s for-credit and not-for-credit opportunities such consultancy projects, social entrepreneurship practicums, virtual internships and extra-curricular experiences. Browse the list of study areas available for undergraduate study. Arts (CDF) arrow_forward. highest-ranking Engineering faculty in Australia and also placed within the Top 50 worldwide. As an overarching theme, INFS1602 examines the issues and management of IS in relation to human behaviour and its consequences. You can apply for transfer to another UNSW degree by: If you gain entry into the new program, you will then be assessed for transfer credits for courses already completed. Combine your Co… At UNSW Engineering, we have more engineering degree specialisations than anywhere else in Australia. UNSW Business School is a leading business school in the Asia-Pacific, with our subjects consistently ranking within the top 50 worldwide. Design a degree to suit your interests and career goals. You can view the program's GE by clicking the degree options below. By choosing a double degree, you can achieve more in less time and open the door to more job opportunities. The degrees incorporate industrial training, global work/study opportunities and real-world experience including internships, mentoring and career networking. arrow_forward. In most cases, you need to have completed a minimum of 6 courses (36 UOC) at UNSW. Our bachelor degrees equip you for a rewarding career in a variety of engineering fields.You can undertake specialised study with over 20 undergraduate degrees, including Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Food Science to name a few.Our bachelor degrees are designed to get you ready to work in the real world, with 60 Focused on preparing our graduates to think and solve tomorrow's problems, our internationally transferable degrees offer a countless range of dynamic career pathways. Actuarial Studies / Commerce. This allows you to complete two undergraduate degrees in a reduced timeframe. open_in_new. Students studying at another institution can apply to transfer to a UNSW business degree as long as the entry requirements of the program are met. The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW Sydney provides specialised skillsets that stand out in competitive job markets. Learn about life on campus, browse our range of scholarships and see why we're Australia's top-performing Engineering Faculty. 4461. You can apply for transfer to a UNSW degree by: If you gain entry into the program at UNSW, you will need to apply for transfer credits for courses already completed. This will allow you to receive full credit for the first year of your Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) program at UNSW Sydney and enter directly into second year of the degree program.

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