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awning poles on the ground in their correct places. The hackneyed old football cliché "a game of two halves," was proved correct yet again. For example, "Me, Hector, and Sam went to the store" doesn't sound to most people all that much better or worse than "Hector, Sam, and I went to the store." verify example sentences. The correctness of this hypothesis may, however, be doubted. 's government, he first took up arms against the ill advisers who were his own personal enemies, and at length claimed the crown in parliament as his right. read and to pronounce an opinion upon it. In the case of the six kings of the XXVIth Dynasty, Africanus, the best of his excerptors, gives correct figures for five reigns, but attributes six instead of sixteen years to Necho; the other excerptors have wrong numbers throughout. Solve coding challenges at Runcode.ninja online competition, Nov. 6-9 Jim Salter October 30, 2020 Ars Technica. To correct this tendency the spring is usually made half with right-hand spiral and half with lefthand spiral. Photoshop Elements also allows consumers to easily correct camera lens distortion. Themselves giving up this world as hopeless, and looking for salvation in the next, they naturally thought the Buddhists must do the same, and in the absence of any authentic scriptures, to correct the mistake, they interpreted Nirvana, in terms of their own belief, as a state to be reached after death. This maximum rate depends upon the kind of coal used, whether small, friable, bituminous or hard, upon the thickness of the fire, and upon the correct design and setting of the blast-pipe. While getting him back to the house was a monumental achievement, we had no idea if the time or even the date was correct. Click to learn how to contribute. Translations of the word CORRECTNESS from english to swedish and examples of the use of "CORRECTNESS" in a sentence with their translations: This report has taken political correctness to a whole new level. He made it to an open window on the first floor. cryptogram puzzle with pencil and paper is all the erasing needed to correct a mistake. William Gilpin, who is so admirable in all that relates to landscapes, and usually so correct, standing at the head of Loch Fyne, in Scotland, which he describes as "a bay of salt water, sixty or seventy fathoms deep, four miles in breadth," and about fifty miles long, surrounded by mountains, observes, "If we could have seen it immediately after the diluvian crash, or whatever convulsion of nature occasioned it, before the waters gushed in, what a horrid chasm must it have appeared! So far as concerns the Epistle of St James this interpretation would probably be correct. For example, the sentence The group of children, including the three troublemakers, were in the gym is incorrect. anesthetic solution can be injected with little resistance, it is mostly likely in the correct space. Sentence A entailing sentence B means A can infer B. It would have been more correct to have employed these objectives in a reverse position. A succession of agreements which he concluded with the Italian Foreign Minister, Tittoni, justified his efforts, and enabled him to maintain correct relations with the Italian Government. CORRECTNESS Different meanings depending on medium of communication used. 9) I believe in discovery and rigor and quantitative, 10) The film may lack subtlety and political, 12) There is no need to reclaim political, 14) Managers must steer a middle course between political, 15) We now think of an insistence on grammatical, 16) We have to live with bullies of political. She located the correct courtyard beside the dining hall on the first try and walked in. Theoretically, no doubt, this is correct, but the typical members of the two groups are so different from one another that, as a matter of convenience, the retention of the two families seems advisable. Even in the case of the planets, the variations in the form and position of the orbits are so slow that long periods of observation are required for their correct determination. correctness in English translation and definition "correctness", Dictionary English-English online. CalifJimSo for me the following seem a little more logical:Suspecting that the man had stolen the money, the police searched him.Suspecting that the man was a thief, the police searched him.. Please try to: Use plain, concise, grammatically correct English. In the XIIth Dynasty the number of the kings is correct and many of the names can be justified, but the reign-lengths are nearly, if not quite, all wrong. balance sheet values for these stock and fixed assets held by industry are essentially complete and correct. George had surgery when he was 2 days old to correct his diaphragmatic hernia. 2. Thank you, CJ. A: the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against. The term pharmaco-dynamics (4 appaKov, Suvapas, power), which is etymologically more correct, is often used as its equivalent, but it has never become widely adopted. (It may be noted that here and generally in this article "burn" is used in the technical sense; it is technically correct to speak of cement clinker Surninq being "burned," although it is not a fuel; in accurate terms it is the fuel which is burned, and it is the heat it generates which raises the clinker to a high temperature, i.e. 16) is probably correct in his statement that in the time of Diocletian there was a Phrygian city in which every living soul was Christian. By assuming suitable forms of the characteristic equation to represent the variations of the specific volume within certain limits of pressure and temperature, we may therefore with propriety deduce equations to represent the saturation-pressure, which will certainly be thermodynamically consistent, and will probably give correct numerical results within the assigned limits. The chronicler Thomas Walsingham, says that James's imprisonment began in 1406, while the future king himself places it in 1404; February 1406 is probably the correct date. - lx., where they cannot possibly be correct. Opening the door, she found her assumption correct. Use correctness in a sentence - Example Sentences for correctness . If this last identification be correct it would show that in Messapian (just as in Venetic and Ligurian) the original velars were retained as gutturals and not converted into labials. CK 1 2247470 I was correct. 3 As Mr Oliver points out (Alexander Hamilton, p. 156), Hamilton's idea of the British constitution was not a correct picture of the British constitution in 1787, and still less of that of the 10th century. It is noteworthy that a molar from the Tertiary of India has been referred to Agriochoerus, a determination which if correct probably indicates the occurrence of Oreodonts in the unknown Tertiary deposits of Central Asia. inconsistencyd revisions take these into account, as well as seeking to eliminate the inconsistencies and correct the omissions mentioned above. Process Following a process. correctness Definitions. Angry wasn't the correct word for what she felt. Good example: In each example, the independent clause is underlined. In this case, the correct decision is to reject the null hypothesis. Sentence Examples. Definition of correctness noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Besides the three main disciplines the student takes up according to his tastes other subjects, such as rhetoric (ma`ani wabayan), logic (mantiq), prosody (`arud), and the doctrine of the correct pronunciation of the Koran (gira'a watajwid). depress the syringe plunger to deliver the correct dose. Thus, we argue that entailment is a useful criterion for the correctness of the summary. The correct perspective places between the summits of modern and ancient times, not a long level stretch of a thousand years, with mankind stationary, spell-bound under the authority of the Church, absorbed in war or monastic dreams, but a downward and then a long upward slope, on both of which the forces which make for civilization may be seen at work. Examples (17a-c) are structural violations, (17a) violates the Specified Subject Condition, and (17b-c) violate Subjacency, while (17d) is a grammatical control sentence. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. In order to travel Safely, it is essential to maintain the correct air pressure in your vehicle. The famous Hirsch trial, and Voltaire's vanity and caprice, greatly lowered him in the esteem of the king, who, on his side, irritated his guest by often requiring him to correct bad verses, and by making him the object of rude banter. The commonest of such substances in England are chalk and clay, but where local conditions demand it, limestone, marl, shale, slag or any similar material may be used, provided that the correct proportions of lime, silica and alumina are maintained. Gunther open completely new ground, and seem to be the correct solution of the problem. Joseph Williams helpfully distinguishes three kinds of rules in Williams and Bizup’s Style.First, there are rules that are basic to English, such as “the car” not “car the.” For example, INCORRECT: I thought whether true claims not. The correctness list of example sentences with correctness. the quality of being in agreement with the true facts or with what is generally accepted: He quickly proved the correctness of his findings. sentence examples. The title Prinz von Preussen, therefore, excludes any idea of territorial sovereignty, whereas the correct German rendering of that of prince of Wales, which originally at least implied such sovereignty, would be Fiirst von Wales. grub screw in the shank end allows for correct setting for a bank of drills. How to use correct in a sentence. of the Roman Church - sacred books, liturgical books, &c. - should be issued in official and more correct editions; the compilations of ecclesiastical law were also revised. This will expand the image so that it will once again have the correct aspect ratio. All the grammatically correct texts, together with those portions of the Avesta which have intrinsic worth, especially the metrical passages, are indubitably authentic and taken ad verbum from the original Avesta. The meaning of "Correctness" in various phrases and sentences Q: What does political correctness mean? Hitherto weight has been laid on the practical side of Mirabeau's political genius; his ideas with regard to the Revolution after the 5th and 6th of October must now be examined, and this can be done at length, thanks to the publication of Mirabeau's correspondence with the Comte de la Marck, a study of which is indispensable for any correct knowledge of the history of the Revolution between 1789 and 1791. (i) A number can be correct to so many places of decimals. Among other advantages claimed for this press one is that the movement which governs the action of the type bed in reversing is so arranged that the strain which sometimes occurs in other reciprocating machines is considerably reduced; another is that the registering or correct backing of the pages on the second side in printing is uncommonly good; but this depends much upon the layer-on. The wine maker can also correct or adjust the acidity of the wine using tartaric acid to achieve the taste they are looking for. 203) show that chemical action is to be referred to the latter of these vectors, but whether Fresnel's or Neumann's hypothesis be correct is only to be decided when we know if it be the mean kinetic energy or the mean potential energy that determines chemical action. Answers. The maps of Ecuador, which are very defective, usually describe its territory as extending eastward to the Brazilian frontier, but as Peru is in actual occupation of the region east of Huiririma-chico, on the Napo river, 31 degrees west of that frontier, those maps cannot be considered correct. The bag is made with a graceful swan neck that holds the chanter at the correct position for playing. This latter question had not presented itself to the prophet's mind; his object was simply to correct the opinion of the people that their present misfortunes were due not to their own faults but to those of their predecessors. Howie related to us in his monotone voice the houses were not well numbered and it took some time before he was sure he'd found the correct location. You're correct that there wouldn't be time for him to race downstairs and out of the building. If, however, Mache's views were correct, we should expect a much closer connexion between I and A than has actually been observed. - The subject of the sentence names the receiver of the ... Correctness – grammar, spelling . Selecting the correct entry on the list should take you to your CAS login screen. It is therefore common and more correct to speak of the Iranian family. As word nerds, we agree to an extent. He could account for the correct mileage on the car if he used a tow bar that kept the wheels on the road. With the correct polymer design, stable liquid polyester coatings can be produced in a high-water content volatile phase. If the statement that he died at the age of ninety-five be correct, he was born about 478. For example, Harvard's course English A, initiated in the 1870s, focused less on traditional aspects of rhetoric and more on correctness and formulaic responses. the Church or Communion of Brethren; and this is really the correct translation of their later term, Unitas fratrum. The texts themselves have mostly become as correct as they can ever be, and manuals and bibliographies guide one to and through them, so that no one need go astray who takes the trouble to make use of the mechanism which is at his hand. grammehis assumption is correct, a vast pro- gram of surveying and recording needs to be put in hand very quickly. And if these terms were intended to indicate so many degrees in the exercise of jurisdiction they would not be correct. If possible adjust your chair armrests to the correct height to support the weight of your arms. Sentence Construction. The signals must therefore be sent at regular intervals, and to ensure this being done correctly a telephone or time-tapper is provided at each keyboard to warn the operator of the correct moment to depress his keys. Sep 03 2019 05:23:38. vsuresh + 2. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "correct" in a sentence I hope you will correct the situation immediately. Loved by hundreds of thousands of users. Another way to put it is that an adjective is a word that describes a noun. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB. He was as tired as he couldly scarcely stand. They may resent interference from health professionals attempting to make changes which they do not perceive to be correct. They do this to ensure that the details given in the application form are correct before paying the annuitant an income. hand-held magnifier steady to maintain the correct distance from a page. ... Email instead of e-mail, for example, is increasingly common. Correctness definition, conformity to fact or truth; freedom from error; accuracy: The correctness of the eyewitness’s account was later called into question. If this surmise be correct, we are witnessing in clusters a counter-process of progress of a nova. content_copy Copy sentence volume_up Play audio Play audio recorded by {{vm.getAudioAuthor(vm.sentence)}} volume_off No audio for this sentence. This is the step where Owing to the great extent of Asia, it is not easy to obtain a correct conception of the actual form of its outline from ordinary maps, the distortions which accompany projections of great and misleading. 313, P. 80, And Found To Be I.4334 Volts, Assuming The Ohm To Be Correct. He went to work despite his illness. How to use politically correct in a sentence. One of Helen's old habits, that is strongest and hardest to correct, is a tendency to break things. The large proportion of mestizos, if these percentages are correct, is significant because it implies a persistence of type that may largely determine the character of Colombia's future population, unless the more slowly increasing white element can be reinforced by immigration. These changes in elevation, if correct, are due to seismic disturbances, a cause that may be partially responsible for the varying computations of the heights of these well-known peaks. That Gordon's views were correct is proved by the fact that a few years later Basutoland was separated from Cape Colony and placed directly under the imperial government. All of those demonstrated the correctness of his anal The correct term is a " single cappuccino with an extra shot " . To “let someone go” is to fire someone. We have to let you go, Tyler. Modern equity, it need hardly be said, does not profess to soften the rigour of the law, or to correct the errors into which it falls by reason of its generality. Plural subjects require a plural verb and singular subjects require a … Vis/skjul navigasjon. correct these imbalances requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the energies of the mineral kingdom. 176+2 sentence examples: 1. A relation between objects of art described by Homer and the Mycenaean treasure was generally allowed, and a correct opinion prevailed that, while certainly posterior, the civilization of the Iliad was reminiscent of the Mycenaean. Find sentence examples. Political correctness is intended to help us use language that helps instead of harms. How can I put and write and define politcal correctness in a sentence and how is the word politcal correctness used in a sentence and examples? It is possible that he is correct in placing the building of the temple at the later date, but probably he errs in connecting it with the secession of Manasseh, which, according to Nehemiah, occurred a century earlier; it has been suggested that he has confused Darius Codomannus with his predecessor, Darius Nothus. The gear linking the two wheel axles is raised slightly above center line to achieve a correct mesh distance. ), who " put down the rhapsodists on account of the poems of Homer, because they are all about Argos and the Argives " (Hdt. Gullstrand showed how to correct these lenses for direct vision, i.e. Anyway two new fluters (or flutists to use the correct terminology) were out for the first time in Markethill tonight. Osprey, perhaps you'll correct any errors please! hit the view cart button to check that your order is correct. Pierre Battifol' is correct in supposing that the Disciplina arcani was more or less of a makebelieve, a bit of belletristic trifling on the part of the overrhetorical Fathers of the 4th and 5th centuries. How to use politically correct in a sentence. This study will enhance your writing skills and help you compose messages that fulfill the criteria of correctness! His description of Egypt, partly founded on Hecataeus, who had been there about fifty years earlier, is the chief source of information for the history of the Saite kings and for the manners of the times, but his statements prove to be far from correct when they can be checked by the scanty native evidence. No matter what I do, I can’t make her happy. It is perhaps most probable that he retained notes made contemporarily and worked them up some time after 404, in a few passages failing to correct inconsistencies and dying before bk. The correctness of the apparent and unbalanced power vector formulations are verified in a three-phase sinusoidal installation formed by two linear loads supplied from a 400 kVA delta/wye distribution transformer, as an application example. No. There is no satisfactory record of temperatures and rainfall in these widely different climatic zones from which correct averages can be drawn and compared. Formerly classified by the ancient Greeks with halos, rainbows, &c., under the general group of "meteors," they came to receive considerable attention at the hands of Descartes, Christiaan Huygens, and Sir Isaac Newton; but the correct explanation of coronae was reserved until the beginning of the 19th century, when Thomas Young applied the theories of the diffraction and interference of light to this phenomenon. Seeing the word in a sentence … fluent in the correct dialect of the requisite language. I was just trying to make sure he put the water in the correct stalls. 7. But to search for a precise time or an exact locality is to deal with the question too narrowly; it is more correct to say that the Avesta was worked at from the time of Zoroaster down to the Sassanian period. You're an arrogant dirty foreigner who claims your dictionary is correct even though you don't understand the nuances of Japanese. Our language is full of rich and beautiful words and phrases which can make an ordinary sentence extraordinary. £ 230,000.00 landlord and tenant dilapidations claim. It was, however, soon clear that Palmerston's diagnosis of the temper of the French bourgeois was correct; the clamour for war subsided; on the 4th of December the address on the Egyptian Question proposed by the government was carried, and peace was assured. Apparently her instincts had been correct when she suspected that he was trying to warn her. Correct sentence structure 3. Realizing that the total weight of all the products of a chemical reaction must be exactly equal to the total weight of the reacting substances, he made the balance the ultima ratio of the laboratory, and he was able to draw correct inferences from his weighings because, unlike many of the phlogistonists, he looked upon heat as imponderable. Of all the Servian dialects the most correct, richest and softest is the Herzegovinian or Zetta-Bosnian dialect. inaccuracys can correct any inaccuracies in the information. Semicolons (;) are used to join two independent clauses, or two complete thoughts that could stand alone as complete sentences.As soon as we explore the examples of colons and semicolons below, you'll be that much closer … When using a trolley jack, refer to the vehicle workshop manual to identify the correct lifting point. I understand. These suggestions have been frequently repeated, but it is probable that neither is correct. If the statement in the life of Terence by Suetonius is correct and the reading sound, Caecilius's judgment was so esteemed that he was ordered to hear Terence's Andria (exhibited 166 B.C.) Which, if any, of these identifications is correct, it is impossible to say. deformityalks about the pressure to rapidly correct deformities. wedding cake etiquette starts with the correct setting of the wedding cake. Parthia became a province of the Achaemenian and then of the Macedonian Empire. When you have a prepositional phrase in a sentence, such as of children , remember that the subject will not be part of the prepositional phrase. Other relationships include contradiction and neutral. While stroking her hair, he spoke softly, "My name is Jackson Parrish, and as God is my witness, I will do all in my power to correct this situation.". circuit breakers etc are of the correct rating and suitable for the purpose. He was so tired he could hardly stand. 1. No matter where the compass pointed, it led him to the correct body. We’ll look at over 30 adjective examples in sentences, and discover how they are used in different ways in the English language.

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